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Step by Step Process

Follow this step-by-step process to receive your certification.

  • Initial Contact

  • Family Child Care Foundations

  • Set up KOG Account

  • Ask for Access to KARES

Step 1:  Introduction


Step 2:  Primary Preparation

  • Set Up Initial Walkthrough (Walkthrough Tool Introduction)

  • Binder Introduction

  • To-do List


Step 3:  Secondary Preparation

  • Environment Setup (Using Walkthrough Tool)

  • Gather Documentation (Zoning Letter, Physician Statement, Background Checks, TB Tests, First Aid/CPR, High School Diploma/Proof of Education)

  • Required Paperwork (Emergency Disaster Plan, Schedule, Lesson Plan, Required Postings, Enrollment Forms, Animal Documentation/Permission Forms, Parent Handbook, Transportation Requirements)

  • Binder Setup


Step 4:  Application Process

  • Initial Application Completion

  • Gather Documentation Required (Use checklist on last page of application)

  • Application Fee ($10 check/money order)

  • Set Up Final Walkthrough (Specialist will use Walkthrough Tool)

  • Make Copy of All Documentation

  • Mail Application and Supporting Documentation

  • DRCC Will Set Up Survey Visit

  • Complete Plan of Correction if Applicable


Step 5:  Process Complete

  • Receive Certification and Officially Open!!!

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