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Kid Painting

Business Practices

Having sound business practices can create strong and sustainable childcare businesses and will support program initiatives aimed at improving outcomes for children. As you begin your journey of owning and operating your own in-home childcare business, we hope to help you:

Learn the value of developing a budget and how to use it for decision-making throughout the year.

Provide resources for continual growth.

Understand how to project business costs, generate additional income, and plan strategically for future goals.

Building a Budget

Budgets are not set in stone. As we have said, they are plans that are created before a fiscal year begins. They should be used as a point of comparison throughout the year against what is actually happening...

Marketing Toolbox

You have many options in your marketing toolbox. Some may be very useful to your program while others may not be necessary. Think about the tools you already use for your program, how are they being used, and whether any improvements could increase their effectiveness...

Strengthening Business Practices

Having resources that you can turn to that will continue to help you strengthen your childcare business is essential. These resources not only help with business practices, they provide a community with which you can know there’s always someone there to help.

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